Monday, March 2, 2009

A Love & Logic Update

It's been a couple weeks since my last Love & Logic class, so I thought I ought to report on how we're doing. 

And, we're doing great! At least, in regard to school, we're doing great.

I've found it incredibly liberating using the Love & Logic approach to school work. The boys have complete control over what lessons they do each day (with the exception of History which I do only on Tuesday and Thursday) and they are in charge of whether they get done or not. I just need to show up, do my own thing at the computer, and be willing to help them/teach them, if they ask me. 

Some days, they goof off a lot and then find themselves without me to help and without any privileges to play the computer or play with friends.

Those days are so sad.

But, I'm okay with them :)

The good news is, those days are few and far between and, come to think about it, haven't happened at all for the past week or so. They are learning how to make this program work for them.

I still haven't sat down and figured out what could be the choices I give the guys for household stuff. Like how do you get them to brush their teeth? I mean, the natural consequences of not caring for your teeth are not ones I'm happy with so ... ??? I have no idea. I need to work on those things, but I'm happy to report that as far as school is concerned, Love & Logic has been a life-saver! 

Fully Awesome!